St Patrick's Day Jokes               St Patrick's Day Jokes                 March 15, 2018
Our St Patrick's Day jokes will have your kids (and you) giggling! 
Irish you a  Happy   St. Patrick's Day!

 Children with ADHD (and ADD) Children with ADHD (and ADD)   February 27, 2018
Chances are you know a child with ADHD (or ADD). Learn in simple terms what it is and what can help children with this condition.

Top 15 Toys for Kids for ChristmasTop 15 Toys for Kids for Christmas  December 4, 2017
15 best toys and Christmas gifts for kids. You are going to love these unique, fun, educational gift ideas for every kid on your Christmas list!
25 Inside Activites for Kids25 Inside Activites for Kids November 15, 2017
Another rainy day? Restless Kids? Are you out of ideas of what to do with your kids? 25 simple and fun activities to cure that cabin fever!
What really helps a cold?What really helps a cold?  October 27, 2017
There isn't a cure for the common cold but there are many remedies that claim to help. Find out what really does help with a cold and what doesn't.
Energy, Fats, and Sugars Oh My!Energy, Fats, and Sugars Oh My! September 18, 2017
This article is very telling as to what kids are eating and what foods they are getting their energy from. Research from Amer.  Dietetic Association.
What are Probiotics?What are Probiotics?   August 4, 2017
We all hear about probiotics but do you really know what they are? And more importantly, why your children should be taking them?

Importance of Nutrition in ChildrenImportance of Nutrition in Children   June 25, 2017
Why is proper nutrition for children so important and how good nutrition really does make a big difference in a child's life.

Significance of Gluten Free FoodsSignificance of Gluten Free Foods    May 14, 2017
What does gluten free mean to you? Most associate it with better health but learn why your child should or should not maintain a gluten free diet.

110 Easter Basket Ideas110 Easter Basket Ideas     April 1, 2017
110 ideas of what you can include in your kids easter basket that will keep your kids entertained a lot longer than a basket of chocolate & candy!
Is all Sugar bad for your kids health?Is all Sugar bad for your kids health?   March 7, 2017
We all know sugar is not good for us or our children. How much sugar should a child have? Are all sugars bad or are some ok? 

Importance of Fiber in Kids DietImportance of Fiber in Kids Diet February 28, 2017
Most kids are not getting enough fiber in their diets. Find out how increasing fiber improves health and why it is so important kids get more fiber.

10 Ideas for your Little Valentine10 Ideas for your Little Valentine  February 2, 2017
How are you going to show your little valentine you love them? 10 easy but heartfelt ideas that your little valentine will surely love!

90 Tips for You and Your Picky Eater90 Tips for You and Your Picky Eater  January 13, 2017
Do you have a picky eater? It can be so frustrating for you and your picky eater. These 90 tips are sure to give you some great ideas to try!
Why Vitamin B is so importantWhy Vitamin B is so important December 10, 2016
The vitamin B group is extremely important as they perform many vital tasks throughout the body. Learn why vitamin B is so important for kids!

Too much Halloween Candy? What to do?Too much Halloween Candy? What to do?  November 1, 2016
Ideas of ways you can get rid of all that halloween candy so you do not have to manage it anymore! Links included>>
What is in our Nutritional Shakes?What is in our Nutritional Shakes?  October 21, 2016
Why Sweet Sprouts? A comprehensive list of all the ingredients in our shakes and why good nutrition is so important for kids. 
Introducing Sweet Sprouts NutritionalsIntroducing Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals
  October 3, 2016
Welcome! We are so excited to launch Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals. Find out a little about us, our why, and what makes us so unique.
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