• how do i mix the sweet sprouts shake powder?
you can always mix in a blender or shaker bottle. you can also just add to a standard water bottle and shake. you will love the convenience of our on-the-go individual packs.

• what is the nutritional difference of mixing sweet sprouts shake mix powder with water vs. milk?
the nutritional value of the powder when mixed with water is what is listed on the product label. when mixing with milk or any milk product, add the nutrients of the milk with what we have listed on the table for total nutritional value.

• what will happen if a child consume sweet sprouts shake powder that was mixed incorrectly or if the child accidentally ingests the powder?
there are no safety concerns if a child consumes too much powder occasionally. the concern arise when overconsumption if for many months and/or years.

what is the shelf life of a container of unopened sweet sprouts shake powder or the individual on-the-go packs?
the shelf life for unopened sweet sprouts shakes is five years. once opened, powder should be used within a year.

are sweet sprouts shakes suitable for my toddler?
yes, our shakes are specifically for children 12 months and older. it is recommended for children under 12 months to be breastfed or fed an iron-fortified infant formula.

are sweet sprouts shakes a meal by themselves?
our shakes have enough protein, good fats, 24 essential nutrients, and fiber making them a great option for a light meal or snack.

how many servings are in a container?
sweet sprouts shakes come in two different sizes: 
box of 10 individual pouches (10 servings)
22.75 ounce container of powder (30 servings)

how many sweet sprout shakes per day is recommended?
we recommend one shake per day. our shakes are meant to compliment a diet not replace a diet of whole foods. picky eaters or children with little appetites can have 2 shakes per day if needed.

do sweet sprouts shakes have sugar in them?
no, our products are 100% sugar-free. it is shocking how delicious they are with only natural sweetners from fruits and vegetables.

how can sweet sprouts shake taste so good without added sugar?
our products are sweetened with lo-han (a chinese fruit) extract and stevia leaf extract.

is there artificial flavoring or sweeteners in sweet sprouts shakes?
no, sweet sprouts products contain no artificial flavorings.

what is the protein source in sweet sprouts shakes?
sweet sprouts protein blend is the highest grade available. Our whey is from 100% grass-fed cows. our protein blend is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and rBST-free.

can sweet sprouts shakes be served warm, like hot chocolate?
yes, our shakes can be heated so they are warm. be sure to check the temperature of the product prior to giving it to your child.

can i freeze sweet sprouts shakes?
yes, our shakes can be made into a popsicle. be creative and add various fruit for a yummy summer healthy treat.

can i add sweet sprout shakes to other ingredients for a smoothie?
yes, our shake powder is a great base for any smoothie with added nutrients that your child might be missing. 

is sweet sprouts shake an energy drink? 
no, it is not an energy drink nor will it hype them up. energy drinks typically contain some kind of stimulant (caffeine, ginseng, sugar, etc.)

will sweet sprouts nutritional shake give my child energy?
yes, it will give your child a slow sustained release of energy and nutrients which will help cater to their busy lifestyles and will also help them during periods of rest and recovery. 

are sweet sprouts shakes gluten free?
yes, all sweet sprouts shakes are 100% gluten-free. Our products are manufactured in a gluten-free facility and are verified by a third party to verify our gluten-free status.

do sweet sprouts shakes contain nuts?
no, there are not any nut derivatives in sweet sprouts products and all of our products are manufactured in a facility free of all nuts.

do sweet sprout shakes contain soy?
no, all sweet sprouts products are 100% free of any soy products and their derivatives.

do sweet sprouts shakes contain lactose?
no, all sweet sprouts products contain lactose-free milk proteins. All our products are also casein free. all sweet products are suitable for children with lactose intolerance.

what is lactose intolerance?
lactose intolerance is the inability or insufficient ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. people with lactose intolerance may experience abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, gas, diarrhea, and nausea after consuming products containing lactose.

can sweet sprouts shake be used if a child has a milk allergy?
no, whey is a milk protein. if your child has a milk allergy they cannot have sweet sprouts shakes. most children with a milk protein intolerance have a problem with casein (the second milk protein) and will be fine with sweet sprouts shakes. However, if your child has an allergy to dairy that requires an EPi-pen DO NOT CONSUME sweet sprouts shakes.

how is lactose intolerance different from a milk allergy?
a milk allergy is a reaction by the body's immune system to one or more milk proteins and can be life-threatening when just a small amount is consumed.

do sweet sprouts shakes contain any GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients?
no, our products are GMO free and do not contain any GMO ingredients.

my child is a picky eater and lagging behind on growth curves. how can sweet sprouts shakes help?
as a nutritious snack or meal, our shakes provide a proper balance of key nutrients growing kids need. they are creamy and taste great so even picky eaters will love them.
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