What is the Significance of Gluten Free Foods?

Before going into the significance of gluten free foods, let's clarify exactly what gluten is. Gluten is the general name for one of the proteins found in wheat, rye, and barely. It isi the substance in flour that forms the structure of the dough, the "glue" that holds the product together and is also the leavening ingredient. When these proteins are present in the diet of someone with celiac disease, they become toxic and cause damage to the intestine. This damage leads to decreased absorption of essential nutrients and, if left untreated, can lead to nutrient deficiency and subsequent disease. 

For many people, the benefits of a gluten free diet means a better health. However people suffering from celiac disease find the benefits of a gluten free meal to be life supporting. Gluten free products lack gluten in the protein. Some gluten free ingredients among others are rice, millet and quinoa and they are capable alternatives to wheat and barley based products.

Problems with gluten products and Benefits of gluten free

Gluten free has shown to be beneficial to individuals struggling with inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders. The gluten in grain is not recognized by the immune system, so it attacks the intestines and can cause a lot of damage. Individuals who are unaware that they have sensitivity to gluten can suffer from permanent damage to their body as well as sufficient nutrient loss because their digestive tract does not absorb nutrients from their food appropriately. Some immediate symptoms of gluten intolerance include gas and bloating. People suffering from Crohn’s disease and those with Lupus are advised to stay off gluten because of the bigger risk of inflammation. 

The benefits of gluten free foods include a reduction in some of the above mentioned symptoms and a healthier life. Individuals who go gluten free also visibly have more energy. The impact of gluten free foods in children with celiac diseases especially cannot be over emphasized. Gluten free foods along with consuming more vegetables and fruits have been shown to become an integral part of their lifestyles.

Many children suffer from celiac and other gluten allergies. However with the advancement of gluten free foods, people now have unlimited choices at their disposal. A search for gluten free shakes showed a few results but top of the list is Sweet Sprouts Nutrionals which boasts a number of benefits needed by kids for their overall development like better digestion and increased elimination of waste. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shake also has a wide array of rare and inaccessible nutrients.

Some autistic children have started on gluten and casein free diets. In some instances, parents of these children report remarkable improvements in the behavior of these children. Further study is needed to understand these reports and it is not recommended that parents start this kind of diet without the guidance of a nutritionist. Many children with autistic disorders struggle with nutritious foods because of severe texture sensitivities. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shakes are delicious and provide sources of important nutrients that these children need, such as minerals, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and fiber. 


Gluten free products for Healthy Children

Gluten free products are increasingly popular, they are not always best for healthy children. In most children, gluten travels through the intestine without causing disease and will never lead to problems. To date, science has not shown that there is a toxin in gluten that makes it bad for our bodies. A balanced diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and a variety of carbohydrate sources is the best way for healthy children to stay healthy. Many gluten free products for items such as breads and cookies are actually higher in fat and calories than varieties containing gluten. Some gluten free cerals and breads may also not be nutrient fortified to the same degress as those with gluten. A gluten free diet is often fiber deficient. Fiber is important for gastrointestinal health, including maintaining regular bowel movements. It is quite common for children who initiate a gluten free diet to become constipated. Growing brains in children require balanced nutrition. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals offer a shake specifically made for children to help them get the nutirion they need, conveniently.

One interesting fact about Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shakes is that they do not contain caffeine and gluten. They are a healthy breakfast option as it is the meal that if often neglected as well as a great supplement to a childs diet for better nutrition. The shake comes in a variety of flavors; vanilla, chocolate, orange cream and strawberry. Kids nutritional shakes are made from natural ingredients and no sugar added. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shake also provide energy without the jitters from caffeine.

Many kids love Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shakes because of the texture as it readily mixes well. It can be mixed with a shaker container and water without being too thick which makes it more convenient on the go consumption. However, for a creamy smoothie, mix in a blender with ice and add fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. If you’re on the lookout for a gluten free shake for your child, Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals is your answer.

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