What are probiotics and why are they important for kids?

Probiotics are living microorganisms or functional bacteria that dwell in the human digestive system. Their primary purpose is aiding overall wellness and supports the thwarting off of bad bacteria that causes different types of diseases.

There are quite a number of benefits of probiotics for children (and adults). In fact, younger children need probiotics more readily in some cases than adults. It is tough getting children to eat their vegetables and even tougher to get them to eat anything that is the least bit unpleasant. Most children would eat yogurt made of fruits (and likely sugar), However, how many kids would enjoy eating cultured foods or drinking buttermilk?


The importance of probiotics to a young digestive system is truly uncountable. Children are especially susceptible to things like gastroenteritis which causes severe diarrhea. Sustained bouts can completely dehydrate a child in no time at all. A study on the effects of probiotics on children with this illness showed that foods like yogurt can significantly reduce these symptoms.

Kids get a lot of infections, ear infection being one of the most common. These infections are mostly treated with amoxicillin or other antibiotic variation; these antibiotics are very effective when your child is cranky and miserable however they as well kill off the good bacteria in the intestinal tract along with the infection. Research has shown the benefits of probiotics for children who are taking antibiotics are priceless. Probiotics replenish destroyed bacteria as well as provide sufficient nourishment for them to grow.

Another importance of probiotics for children is they ensure a fully functional healthy immune system. Furthermore, it also helps children with lactose intolerance handle eating foods like yogurt and even drinking milk. The use of these microorganisms has revealed some promise in treating children who are allergic to gluten as well.

In order for good bacteria to function properly our gastrointestinal systems need appropriate amounts of fiber. Very few American children have enough fiber in their diets. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shakes provides 5 grams of fiber per serving plus 4 billion probiotics.

Today, you can buy infant formula that is fortified with probiotics. While the benefits are not well documented, it appears as if they are safe enough for infants as well. Breast milk is also uniquely designed to promote probiotic growth in infants. Infants with proper GI flora not only have healthy immune systems but also their weights are more appropriate. One very interesting case study shows the benefits of probiotics for children born weighing more than 1000 grams; these infants could suffer from death of the intestinal tissue. It seems however that these bacteria have just enough to prevent necrotizing entercolitis.

Having a healthy intestinal tract and colon is important to overall digestive health in children (and adults). Probiotics have also been suggested to be effective in the following conditions; acute infectious diarrhea, viral gastroenteritis and antibiotic associated diarrhea.

Studies in mice have shown that when a mouse has altered instestinal floral they become obese. When the obese mice were fed feces from proper weight mice and their intestinal flora was restored their weights resumed a normal level. One theory behind this is too much sugar in our diets. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shakes are also sugar free.

While studies have conclusively revealed the effectiveness of these bacteria in the fight against diseases, there will certainly be more indepth studies in the future. The most important thing is not if it is beneficial but how to get them to consume enough of the foods to gain these health benefits. Sweet Sprouts nutirional shakes have four billion probiotics in each serving. By providing your children with enough probiotics in foods or in supplements, you’re taking an important step in ensuring your child gets the best care someone can only dream of.

Generally, probitoics are safe for healthy children. However, those with a compromised immune system should seek advice from a professional befire starting probiotics.

There are two key issues when choosing a probiotic: the first is to ensure that the product contains enough bacteria to have an effect. Sweet Sprouts Nutrionals shakes have a very high probitoic cells per grams with four billion probiotics per serving. The second issue with probiotics is to ensure that it survives the acidic enviroment of the stomach in order to reach the large intestine. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals shakes contain probiotics that are coated so they are able to survive the acidic enviroment and have maximum benefits.

Probiotics should be taken for a minimum of four weeks before effects may be seen. Sweet Sprouts Nutritionals kids shakes are the perfect supplement not only for a high level of probitoics but also for many additional health benefits.

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